SIRVs Spike-in RNA Variant Control Mixes E0, E1, and E2

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The SIRVs are a set of transcript variants designed to validate the performance of isoform-specific RNA sequencing workflows and, in particular, bioinformatics algorithms. The accuracy of mapping, isoform assembly and quantification can be assessed, making experiments based on evaluation of isoform abundances comparable. The spike-ins can be used with different RNA inputs (total RNA, poly(A) selected RNA, or rRNA-depleted RNA), library preparation methods and sequencing platforms.

Features and Application:
•Comprehensively reflects variations of alternative splicing, alternative transcription start- and end-sites, overlapping genes, and antisense transcripts
•Validation of mRNA quantification pipelines
•The kit contains a set of 3 SIRV Mixes. The 4 µl content of each Mix is sufficient to spike at least 3 times hundreds of samples.

System Compatibility:
•HiSeq 2000/2500/3000/4000
•NextSeq 500/550
•Genome Analyzer
•Ion Proton System
•Ion PGM System
•SOLiD System
•PacBio RS II
•Oxford Nanopore

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