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AlteTools™ CoboTube

Benchtop automated tube handler

Open Cobot Design

The use of a collaborative robot removes the requirement for guarding, which maximises access for operation & maintenance. Additionally, the robot can be moved to the most appropriate position by hand, either for teaching or for maintenance.

AlteTools™ Septum capper

Semi-automated septum capper

Full rack capping

Septum capper for most manufacturer’s septum cap mats and tubes in SBS rack format.

AlteTube™ LabTools™

Accessories for sample storage tubes

AltemisLab is all about looking for better ways to work. Our range of lab tools have been designed to make everyday lab tasks easier.

LabTools™ Multi thawing stations

Speed up sample processing and minimise data variability

LabTools™ Thawing station

Speed up sample processing and minimise data variability

Fast thawing of samples in tubes, plates and vials. The flexible modular system accommodates all types of labware.